Sunday, June 9, 2013

Worm Bin: One Year

Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole year since I got my worm bin, the Worm Factory 360.  I am just now getting ready to harvest my first tray.  I meant to do it quite some time ago but didn't get around to it.  I have four trays in use now.  When I examined them today, the bottom one was seemingly empty of worms and is completely made up of castings, except for some very little bits of paper, cherry tomato skin, egg shells, and cherry pits.  I am going to add it to my tomato plants out in the garden tomorrow.  I have put it on the top tray and left the lid open, so that it can dry out just a little, and to make sure all the worms migrate down. 

The next-to-bottom tray also appeared to be mostly castings.  I will add it to my garden in July.  The next tray from the bottom is still a work-in-progress.  The top tray is kind of smelly right now because I added some old blanched cauliflower a couple of days ago.  I added additional paper to cover the smell, but I think the worms are just going to have to eat it to make the smell go away, so I won't add any more food for about a week. 

I continue to be very unscientific with feeding my worm bin.  I try to give them a lot of variety, and I feed them when I think it might be a good time.  If it gets smelly, or I get fruit flies, I know I have overfed them.  I'm glad I have a backyard compost also, because my bin isn't yet able to handle most of the fruit and vegetable waste that we get rid of. 

I'm very excited about adding the castings to my tomatoes! 

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