Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Didn't Water

So, I got busy with summer, planning our homeschool year and taking the kids to camps and the pool, and I just  didn't water my garden.  Now my tomatoes are dead.  I feel like an idiot. 

I still have hope for my peppers and tomatillos, and I've harvested tons of basil that has made delicious pesto and herb rubs.  My other herbs aren't doing so well since my sweet husband accidentally mowed my herb garden down.  I think I'm going plant an herb garden in one of my beds.  I've decided that I really have too many beds(!) for my level of interest right now.  And to think that at one point I wanted to double my beds! 

The problem is that my motivation for things changes, and I can only concentrate on so many hobbies at a time.  Right now, I've been focusing on weight loss, learning Spanish, and getting ready for the upcoming homeschool year.  I vow to do better next year. 

I have five 2-cup containers of pesto stored away for the winter, which is pretty good.  If I get about 12, then I'll have enough to use 2 containers every month for six months.  I've also decided to repurpose small glass jars for my pesto and herb rubs, rather than freezing them in plastic containers. 

I have nothing against plastic containers; it's just that the glass ones are free, and the plastic ones wear out eventually.  I'd rather use them for putting snacks for my kids when we go out, than freezing food in them.  Also, it's more difficult to clean the oily sauces from the plastic. 

I'm going to start my fall crops!  Lettuce and spinach.  I'll also be starting some tomato seeds for container varieties, as I'm going to experiment with growing them in the cold months.  They'll be in pots, so they can be outside when the weather is nice and indoors in front of a sunny window when it's not. 

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Joy @ said...

Nice post indeed. It is officially Spring now! Happy Gardening!